1. Why should I read ebooks instead of regular paperback? There are many benefits in reading ebooks, - Take your ebooks anywhere around the world without lugging physical copies - Read an ebook instantly without waiting for it to ship – most ebooks download in minutes! - Store your library of ebooks in any handheld device, PC, or laptop - Parts of ebooks are copy-and-paste friendly, making research and archiving a breeze - In general, ebooks are cheaper than paperback

2. Can I download your ebooks on my Smartphone or tablet PC? Yes, all ebooks can be read on your Android, iPhone, iPad, Kindle, or any other handheld device.

3. Do I need any special device or software to read your ebooks? Most of our ebooks are in PDF format and can be read on any handheld device, computer, or tablet PC without any special device or software. Certain ebooks may be available in other formats that require a reading software to be downloaded. Reading software is free and will be specified on the ebook page on our site prior to purchase.

4. I travel a lot, will your ebooks be available to me if I’m overseas? Yes, once you have purchased an ebook, you can download it and read it anywhere you like.

5. How long do I have to wait to receive an ebook I purchased? All purchases on our site are confirmed instantly and you will receive an email with a link to download your ebooks almost immediately after your payment has been received.

6. Can I share the ebooks with my friends? Most ebooks are copyright protected and cannot be shared, copied or distributed. Your friends can own the same ebooks too! Simply share Breakerbooks.com with them and give them the discount code you received when you registered with us!

7. Can I print and copy the ebooks? Most ebook authors/publishers allow printing and copying of a small section of an ebook. Adobe format ebooks can be printed and copied, unless otherwise specified.

8. Will I be able to view my books offline after I’ve purchased them? Yes, ebooks are downloaded into your reading device and can be viewed offline, anywhere, anytime.

9. What is your refund policy? All refunds are subject to approval and given at the discretion of the Management.

10. How long do I have to download my ebooks after I’ve made a purchase? Upon receipt of payment, you will have 5 days to download your ebooks, and each ebook can be downloaded no more than twice.

11. How can I contact Customer Service for assistance with my ebooks? Email us at info@breakerbooks.com.

12. I’m an author, how can I get my ebook published on Breakerbooks.com? Contact us at info@breakerbooks.com or visit our Author and Publishers page for more information.